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Same Day Printing

Same-day print services are also available. Our goal is to provide you with a professionally produced project regardless of the option you choose. Your prints will be completed by the time the store closes. Some quantity limitations do apply.

Printing Services

At Krüger Brent we can create anything you can imagine. With us you can get the best possible print job for your money - whether it's offset or digital.

  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Calendars
  • Catalogues
  • Leaflets
  • Wobblers
  • Stickers
  • Labels
  • And much more


Still widely read, flyers are a great tool to bolster business. You can drive traffic to your website through a strong call to action at the end of your flyer and the consumers will follow. Get more feet throughout your doors by reaching out to customers through printed flyers. We will customize everything to your specifications and we guarantee your flyer will catch the eye.


Whether it`s an expression of appreciation or a key tool in your marketing toolbox, the calendar keeps your name accessible all year round in kitchens or offices. No matter the size, finish or thickness you have in mind, we`ve got you covered.


Catalogues are an effective tool in the multimedia marketing mix generating results and earning costumers’ trust. Feature your products or services in a catalogue to make an impression. Come up with your own creative ideas or let us guide you through the decision process. Our team is geared up and ready to produce the printing to its best possible level of quality.


Unite design and copy in an unique way to arouse interest on your brand`s story, answer questions and provide sources for further information. Decide on how many folds you want and we`ll offer you a professional result.


If done properly, leaflets are a marketing staple that will make your brand stand out above the rest. They`re also a good way to spread the word when you have an upcoming event or sale. Woo your audience and attract your ideal customers through creative design.


Use them to sell special offers, gift vouchers and new products within your brand. We`ll make your wobbler pop and capture the attention of passers-by.

Online Printing Services

Place your order from the comfort of your own home or office. Whatever concerns you may have, they will be handled within the shortest time possible. Online printing services can help you save both time and money. Send us an e-mail to work out the details.

Book Printing

Play one step ahead of the game and showcase your business with a book. What do have to take into consideration before ordering?

  • The book cover
  • The binding
  • The size
Oh and one last thing! Don`t forget books are harshly judged by their covers so give them a proper chance.

Discount Printing

We offer discounted print solutions suited for all your needs. Check our available discounts here:

Custom Printing

Make your mark on the world through customization. We are able to provide a wide range of sizes, materials, alongside a multitude of finishing capabilities, such as UV full or partial off-set coating, customized punching, pasting, and laminating, among others. Embossing, die cutting, binding or foiling, you name it and we`ll find the right solution for your custom printing project. Our experts guarantee your vision will be realized on paper. Highlight your products or services and add a touch of individuality to your printed piece, with the use of effects. Choose color or black & white printing on a variety of paper stocks. We don't cut corners on quality.

Document Printing

If handouts, legal documents, accounting papers or others have to be printed out, we can assist you. Count on us to print your most important documents. You`ll get advice on what materials and print process would be best suited for your document.

Envelope Printing

With the envelopes we print the mail we`ll never get lost. Inject visual appeal by reflecting the company`s style on the envelope. Make them curious to open your letter.

Offset Printing

  • Very high image quality
  • Faster printing process
  • High volume price efficiency
  • Wider range of print substrates
  • Larger sized pieces
Offset printing is a timeless printing method which allows you to print larger sheets using a plate to create images. Offset printing can be used for any number of inks and is recommended for high-end jobs. Also, the more you print, the cheaper the price per piece is.

Digital Printing

  • Cheaper for low volume printing
  • Good color control
  • More appropriate for smaller quantity prints
  • Fast turnarounds
  • Variable data capability
Available since the early 2000s, digital printing is a strong contender for any form of print-on-paper work. Digital printing uses no plates, which reduces set-up time, cost and overall paper waste. It is suitable for fast printing jobs and meeting short deadlines.

Sticker Printing

Make the right message stick! Stickers are an additional form of marketing and advertising for your products or services. We use a diverse range of materials that are long lasting and of great quality. You can easily turn a boring package into a great one with one single sticker. Custom stickers, bumper stickers, window, floor or wall decals, whatever you choose, spice things up a little and get creative with the graphics. They are versatile and can be stuck just about anywhere!

Label Printing

Talk to us about your requirements and we would be more than happy to give you the best advice. Don`t forget that it`s the little things that count!

Similar to stickers, labels make products more attractive and are used for informative purposes. People will easily identify your logo and you`ll maximize your brand exposure. Talk to us about your requirements and we would be more than happy to give you the best advice. Don`t forget that it`s the little things that count!

Manuals, Reports & Training

Corporate material of the highest quality just adds that next level of professionalism and is built to last. Our team will handle all the tricky technical details and help you present well-designed manuals, reports or training materials and keep them user-friendly. Go from dull to exciting in a heartbeat.

Plan Printing

We provide unbeatable quality of our craftsmanship and on-time delivery. Plan printing is produced with high accuracy and you`ll have all your requirements catered for. No need to worry, our state-of-the-art ensures top notch image quality.

Color Printing

We ensure your printed piece exudes high quality through vibrant, stable colors with smooth gradations so that you can show off your business in style. Every piece we produce will maintain true color fidelity. We like to provide quality that gets noticed.

Black & White Printing

If you want to leave color out of the equation and wish to print crisp halftones, beautiful and correctly toned black and white materials, you`re in the right place. We deliver stunning prints with a high contrast range which gives more texture and detail excluding any grey haze. We work with high-quality black and white ink to get things done right.


Outsourcing photocopying is the best way to escape from the hard time office photocopiers can give you. Whether you need black and white color photocopying, color photocopying or digital scans of your documents trust us to provide you with the picture-perfect copies.

Variable Data

VDP is a direct outgrowth of digital printing, which harnesses computer databases, digital print devices and highly effective software to create high-quality, full color documents, with a look and feel comparable to conventional offset printing. Variable data focuses on individual customers’ interests making it ideal for targeted advertising. It enables highly customized documents by allowing the change of elements such as text, graphics and images from one printed piece to the next via digital print technology. We can also produce any kind of barcode from any kind of source. Choosing this method will help you connect with customers in a more relevant way and increase your response rates.